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Creative Wellness Classes

Would you like a safe, creative environment to awaken and inspire your own unique artistic expression?

Are you a survivor of traumatic physical or emotional experiences, addiction, depression, plagued with anxiety, fear, or negative thoughts?

Would you like to learn more about comforting and healing your heart and mind with beautiful colours and textures, that speak far beyond what words can say?

Are you interested in a process that will work intimately with cognitive therapeutic practices to reprogram negative thought patterns?

 Have you ever wanted to make unique, vulnerable, authentic pieces of art?

 When you paint with me,  as your Creative Wellness Coach, it's a reuniting with your creative imagination. I will introduce you to the spirituality of creating in every day life, and celebrate with you, as you create masterpieces that reflect the sometimes forgotten beauty, from deep within your very own soul.


About Gracie Joyce

Everyone has an artist inside

 I had a lifetime of suffering the diagnosis of various afflictions; addiction, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar, severe depression with psychotic episodes, schizophrenia, that eventually led me to such desperation, I was suicidal on a daily basis, with several suicide attempts. 

In my story, art was my saving grace.

As a child, I was terrified to speak and rarely spoke. When life was too painful to speak about, and my lips fell silent, my paintings could scream and cry for me, and the paintings became very loud.

My art work became healing, not only for myself, but also for others as I integrated what was helping me heal into a technique I call Paint by Spirit, where the paintings actually paint themselves, revealing messages of our Spirit. As my skills increased, I also began creating healing portraits of people in settings that were healing to them, with their favourite animal or people, or translating their ideas and visions into paintings. 

To see more about me, and my artwork connect with me on Facebook, or visit

Over 40 years of painting through my own trauma, recovering from addiction and free from mental health afflictions, and maintaining a thriving , sober life , has provided me with skills, techniques and intuitive insight that I now share with others. 

In Love, Gracie Joyce

Art Class

The Future I See

Your Heart, Healed

  When you paint with Spirit, the importance of support while healing thru creative expression is understood.

Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all who visit my classes by being a special place where creative juices can flow freely.

I am dedicated to you, the artist, and I provide you with the appropriate training and tools you will need to translate pain, passion and feelings>>> into an expression of art.

It is my mission to introduce you to the medicinal properties of art and the connection of art and spirituality in every day life. 

I offer creative wellness coaching to students of all levels - introducing newcomers to art, reawakening suppressed or dormant creativity, and refining the techniques of even the most veteran artists.


What I Believe

 Create. Heal. Inspire.

The medicinal properties of art are not limited to those with Divine talent or exceptional skill. 

The art making process helps individuals, groups and communities heal physically, mentally and emotionally. 

When words are too hard to communicate, we can use shapes, colours and forms, as a safe means of expressing and interpreting thoughts and feelings that have never felt safe to express before. 

To have those thoughts and feelings listened to unconditionally is empowering and liberating. It is an opportunity to physically and emotionally release trauma and conflict through art. 

It takes great courage to create, heal, reframe, transform and relate to one another. 

These are the tools of change. 


Paint by Spirit Sessions and Classes

Something for Everyone

I offer various Creative Wellness Sessions and classes that are available for all levels. Now is the perfect time to get started! Learn more about my coaching sessions and classes below.

Woman Painting

Creative Wellness Coaching

Private Session

This is an incredible session or series of sessions for intensive one on one guidance catered specifically to your needs. 

The private sessions allow for deep introspection as well as fully focused dedication to assisting you in creating your own creative wellness program to follow long after the sessions are over.

*Utilising art for therapeutic meditation and  emotional trauma release.

*Guidance to release and replace negative thought patterns.

*Guided discussions of infinite grace releasing decades of suppressed shame and guilt.

Although you may choose to come back for more sessions, or to interact in group healing, or participate in some studio inspired time with me, my goal is to see you so confident with your very own creative process that you can draw, paint, create and heal through beautiful works of art and expression, completely independent from me.

Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Paint with Gracie

Private Session

Ready to paint your heart out? In a private class, or series of classes, as your coach, I will hold space for your creative genius to flourish. I will assist you in sharpening your skillset and creating your masterpiece. 

Art Class

Creative Wellness Workshop

Group Sessions

Whether it's co workers for team building, family, support group, book club, you and your best friend or friends from church, or a recovery house, with just 4 or more people we can co-create a very special gathering of like minded people.

Imagine learning how to allow the painting to paint itself, invoking your inner genius, revealing hidden unconscious beliefs, releasing and healing trauma through expression that is beyond words, or just painting that painting you always wanted to be able to paint,  in a safe, inspired setting.  


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Ready to experience the medicinal properties of art? 
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